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What makes a successful Recruiter?

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What identifies a successful recruitment consultant from those that struggle to achieve their goals? How do you go about replicating their success when starting out on your own?

Recruitment in a Box lists here some observations as to the attributes that will go some way to make a Recruiter successful.

  • People Skills

You care about and understand people’s motivations. You have built-in empathy skills and show genuine interest in others and can share in other people’s success. You have an inherent ability to be able to read people verbally, orally and in the written form.

  • Always Alert

You are alert to and therefore never miss an opportunity to make something better for your candidates, clients and/or yourself. You can generate leads naturally through the course of your daily work without being forced or reminded to do so.

  • Organised

A Recruiter has to manage all of these activities on a daily basis: sales, business development, resourcing, marketing, advertising, interviewing, CV writing and editing as well as many others as and when they arise. You must therefore have to be organised to make sure you stay on task and achieve your plans for the day!

  • Total Recall

Even though IT systems are so advanced these days that they can do a lot of things for you a GOOD memory is essential in order for you to be successful. Remembering names, times, dates and even numbers can give you the edge in a very competitive industry.

  • Never Surrender

There are so many things that can go wrong outside of your control when balancing so many spinning plates as a Recruiter that any lack of a thick skin can see you fall apart and never recover. The ability to take every hit on the chin and move forward is essential.

  • Teamwork

Whilst there are many individuals in companies that outperform many of their colleagues, they do so because of the support of them not in isolation of. Internal competition is healthy in a business but a vehicle can always move faster if all of the parts are working together!

  • Hard work

The best recruiters work very hard and very smartly too.  They will put in the extra hours at times to ensure success but won’t just do so without reason. Knowing when to put in the extra hours and in what area sets them apart from others.

  • Even Minded

Whilst recruitment is more often than not about working to deadlines and targets the higher achievers can do this in a relaxed manner. Thinking on your feet and making key decisions that solve problems is always better when you are calm and more aware of the bigger picture.

  • Lucky

The harder you work the luckier you get. This applies to good Recruiters too! Doing things well and getting into good habits often increases the luck that you get.

  • Instinctive

Assessing the behaviours and actions of clients and candidates is a key part of the role as a recruiter. Those who have solid instincts and back their ‘gut feelings’ often do demonstrate consistently good decision making skills.

  • Focused

To move forward and get results you need to work with goals and objectives. Great recruiters do this naturally in all that they do on a daily basis as this gives them the ongoing motivation they need.

  • Passionate

Seems obvious doesn’t it?! Going through the motions may get you some results but if you add in the key ingredient of passion to what you do then see the results improve dramatically. This is a people business don’t forget!


Whilst there is never a guarantee of success in Recruitment if you can demonstrate most if not all of the above attributes you will certainly be best placed to achieve more than most.

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