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Build a Social Media Strategy for your Startup Recruitment Agency

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When it comes to getting your brand known, it pays to go where the people are. Every month, 288 million people use Twitter, 300 million are on Instragram, 161 million use Linkedin and 890 million have a Facebook account! And guess what? there is 99% of chance that you have an account on at least one of those platforms, don’t you?!

54% of recruiters use Facebook to advertise their vacancies, 60,000 jobs are tweeted every day, and 95% of recruiters are actively present on Linkedin. Recruiting with social media is a vital part of the game.

If you are about to start your recruitment agency and wonder how to surf on the social media wave, then Recruitment in a box gives you tips to creating a social media strategy that works.

# Planning


Who is your audience? If you have done your business plan correctly then you will know exactly who your audience is. By identifying who your potential candidates are will allow you to know where to find them.


Where are the Industry Leaders, your competitors, your clients? It is not about copying and reproducing exactly what they do. It is about knowing where they are and what their strategies are for you to learn best practice for your business.


You need to build a sustainable social media strategy that works? The key to success is to choose the most relevant social channels for your audience and create a set of specific objectives and goals. What are your company goals/How do you want to be seen…? Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instragram … they are all different so your message need to be different as well. Set up a social media strategy to help your reach your goals.


What is it that your audience really wants? What you think they want and what they actually want could be two different things. Try a few posts with different messages and then take a look at your analytics to see which types of posts and content have been most popular. Now you know what they like most and what are your company goals, you can build a message across each social media.


When shall I communicate? To be effective, you need to be consistent. It is one of the most important thing on social media. Never give up!! Set up weekly targets and post articles on your blog at least twice a week. One week after, share them on your social media accounts – It will drive traffic to your website and help you to gain a better visibility on those vital search engines for your growth as a business – Google, Bing…


Why haven’t I reached my target this week? Ask yourself what has worked, what hasn’t and why. You need to have a look at your analytics to understand what your audience likes to read/see. If the number of people you reach is low, you need to change the content. Maybe you need to communicate differently – videos, podcast, guides…there are plenty of ideas!

# Informing

A complete description – Having a description that allows others to get a sense of who you are and what you do is critical. Depending on the social Media you are using, you’ll have the possibility to add your logo, pictures, a description of your activity, a link to your website…Fill out as many fields as you can because when you try to engage and/or follow people, the first thing they will do is check out your description and then they will typically check out your bio to get a sense of who you are. They will use this information when considering whether or not to respond and/or follow you back.

Valuable contentWe recommend you to have share interesting articles that you read on a daily basis. Creating your own content takes time so it is important that you have 2 weeks of content ready in advance. It will encourage people who visit your social accounts to follow you. A good communication on social Media IS NOT about selling your brand and your services – it will create the opposite of what you are looking for: engaging with your audience. Social Media is about creating and sharing interesting, useful content for your target audience. Yes do post your jobs but also think about what your clients and candidates need to know, which tips you can give them to improve their business or job hunting.

Promote your social accountsAdd social media icons to your website (header, footer or sidebar). If you have a blog page, add the icons at the end of each article so that you can share the content directly to all your social media accounts. You also need to make sure that your social media icons will appear in your email signature.

# Engaging

Follow Me, I’ll Follow You – If you don’t have followers, it doesn’t matter what you tweet so get out there and build your follower base. There are a number of different ways to search out profiles on social media. When you find people you might be interested in as a future candidates, follow them! A majority of the time, if you follow someone they will almost always follow you back if you’re relevant.

Comment on Blog and other Pages – Find people in your niche with lots of followers, follow their latest posts and engage with your target audience in the comments of those posts. People who like your post will have a look at your profile and follow you.

Participate in groups – LinkedIn or Facebook groups are great for engaging with other active members. Participate in the discussions and provide valuable answers to get people to want to connect with you.

Hashtags is key! You need to use Hashtags in your captions every time you share photos, videos and articles. Hashtags are utilized by users to find visual content on specific topics. When they come across your post, they will be able to click on the button next to your name to follow you.

Use advertising – If you have an advertising budget, try Twitter or Facebook advertising. It will promote your account to your target audience members to encourage them to follow you. Advertising can be a great way to increase awareness but it will work only of you have correctly prepared your campaign. Define its objective, goals, your message, for a long time… The better your preparation is, the better the results you will get.


Using Social Media in Recruitment is a long-term strategy to expand the pool of talent available to you rather than a last-minute initiative to action when a position needs filling. Set aside a couple of hours each week to build your online presence as a recruiter. Post interesting content about activities happening within your agency, inform candidates by sharing relevant articles, make connections and start engaging with potential candidates.

Companies looking to take on new agency suppliers are also on social media so make sure that as well as interesting and informative you keep your posts professional!

At Recruitment in a Box, we can help you to build a strong online presence through multiple media platforms. Call our specialist team on 0203 417 3101.     

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