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Creating the right image for your recruitment agency start up

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Your brand is so much more than a logo – It is your voice, your values, your ethos and a shop window to what your business offers spread over multiple online and offline channels. To stand out as a brand in the densely populated recruitment industry you need to be unique and/or different to what is already out there.

To get a head start you need to start building a uniform message and appearance from the off. The bigger you grow, the more clients will gravitate towards you so make sure you give a good impression from the beginning and that you convey the right message to engage with your audience.


Step 1 – Your Logo

Your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for. Therefore, it needs to reflect your company name, your industry sector, your audience. Think of how you want to be seen by your clients/candidates and how you want to differentiate your business from the competition.

Your logo should be easy to read and be distinctive. The best logos make an immediate statement with a picture or illustration, not words. Use icons, images, colours that fit your market. You also want a logo that will grow with your business and stays current for 10 years, perhaps longer.

Step 2 – Your Message

By taking control of your brand and putting out the right messages, you can set your business apart from your competitors and attract talent with exactly the right skills, attitudes and behaviors you are looking for.

Who are your customers? To engage with your audience, you need to know where they are and how you can reach them. The profile of your audience won’t be the same if you are targeting the international relocation industry rather than the legal sector. By asking yourself who is your ideal candidate/ client, it can help you to identify correctly your future clients and to select appropriate channels in your communication plan.

Want do you want to say? What do you want your customer to think about you? To build a memorable message, it is also important to think of the image you want your customer to have of your business. Your marketing brochure, articles, job boards, videos, website (etc) need to convey this uniform message.


Step 3 – Your communication

Posting your vacancies on different job boards won’t be enough to build credibility and trust. In today’s digital market, we cannot emphasise enough how vital it is to build a consistent online presence. A wide range of marketing tools are necessary to help your brand get credibility.

The Must Haves:

*A recruitment website – Your website is your virtual shop. You can’t neglect it. Think about yourself when you are looking for a company. Would you contact a company if its website look ugly? Of course you wouldn’t. The recruitment industry is a very competitive market where you can find plenty of established agencies and groups who already have a solid reputation. Do not lose your chance of attracting and retaining candidates and clients by getting this aspect of your branding wrong! Whereas a good website may not directly draw hundreds of new customers on its own it can certainly drive hundreds away if it is not in tune with your target audience.

Your website is your chance to inspire professionalism. Create a website in accordance with the target audience, not just how you want it to look. If you are doing temporary/contract placements, your website might need additional functionality such as enabling your candidates to enter their timesheet online. Always place your jobs on your website and link to them via the social media channels too – see below.

*A social media campaign – Sharing the latest news of what is happening in your chosen sector together with creating interesting and relevant articles of your own are as important as posting your latest jobs. To grow, you need to be seen. Define your goals and create a marketing plan that includes a selection of social media. You might need to consider only a few of them rather than being on inappropriate channels.

*A selection of job boards – Job boards are essential tools in the arsenal of a job seeker. It is therefore vital for your agency to post your latest jobs. But not all job boards are equally useful. If you are specialising in a niche/sector, it Is important to select the job boards that specialise in the same sector as they will target your directly audience. By trying a Google search for “your industry + career + Job boards”, it will give you a selection of specialist job boards that can be interesting to use. If you are more generalist, some job boards like TotalJobs, Indeed or Monster allow you to reach a larger audience.


To win, you need to exist. To exist you need to be seen. Make sure you have the right brand for your business and that it is visible in all of the right places.

We understand that when starting up a recruitment agency, you want to manage costs and therefore get all the marketing communication done with a minimum of budgetary outlay. The good news is that you might not need all the marketing elements ready to launch and can develop this as your business grow. Don’t forget though the importance of being seen but creating that all important first impression. We would recommend that you do a selection of what you need, plan it and save an appropriate budget to achieve the maximum exposure at the right time.

To find out how Recruitment in a Box can help you to create the right branding for your Recruitment Business then call us on 0203 4173101 or email

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